ICTOCT Contest Giveaway

BREAKING NEWS: “Where in the World is ICTOCT?” Contest Giveaway

In celebration of the 45th Anniversary of the International Conference on Transnational Organized Crime and Terrorism (ICTOCT) and the 20th Anniversary of the International Organization of Asian Crime Investigators and Specialists (IOACIS), we are having a Giveaway Contest. Show us where our past conference swag calls home. We want pictures to see “Where in the world is ICTOCT?”

Rules: All you have to do is submit a photo of the swag showing where you are! You can use any swag from our past conferences dating from 1978 to the present. This includes the International Asian Organized Crime Conference (IAOCC), International Conference of Asian Organized Crime (ICAOCT) and ICTOCT.

Winners will be selected by the IOACIS Executive Board and members of the Las Vegas Conference Committee. In the event of a tie, the IOACIS President will be the tie breaker.

IOACIS Board members and their relatives are excluded from participating in the contest.

To submit your photos, please post to your Instagram, Twitter or Facebook account with the hashtag #ictoct2023 and tag @ICTOCT by January 31, 2023.

All Winners will be selected by February 1, 2023.

Prizes include:

2023 Conference Registration Fee (valued $595)
2024 Conference Registration Fee (valued approx. $600)
Dinner for 2 at the SC Prime Steakhouse at Suncoast (value $250)
Golf entry fees plus club rental for 2023 ICTOCT Golf Outing (value $205)

Best of Luck and we look forward to seeing “Where in the World is ICTOCT?”

For example:

2018 Scottsdale2022 Las VegasPatches, coins, pins. Boston 1995, 1996 Anaheim, 2003 Boston , 2004 Honolulu, 2005 Mohegan Sun, 2007 Las Vegas, 2008 San Francisco, 2011 Las Vegas, 2022 Las VegasHonolulu 2004

Boston 2003

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Please be reminded face coverings will be optional for all our attendees, presenters, Conference Staff and Committee members as recommended by the Center for Disease and Control Prevention (CDC).

Thank you for your cooperation.